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Therapeutic Massage:     Relaxing, Restorative & Rejuvenating

Alleviate muscle pain and reduce stress through one of the many massage therapies available at the Hambrock Holistic Healing Center. We get to know you so that we can administer the therapeutic treatment most beneficial to your needs. From the intense, trigger point therapies, and NeuroMuscular Therapies which release contracted tissues by concentrating pressure with a thumb, forearm or elbow, to the relaxing, long kneading strokes of a Swedish massage, we offer therapies to comfort and rehabilitate. We also offer Pre and Post natal massages as well as Sports and Medical Massages. CranioSacral, Healing Touch and other energy therapies are often Incorporated into treatment sessions as needed. Essential oils as aromatherapy and topical application are a big part of our treatments as well and can be requested for a slightly extra charge.

Integrated Massage:
When experiencing an integrated massage at our healing center we use a variety of techniques depending on you body's needs. These techniques include but are not limited to: Soft tissue manipulation, Deep Tissue, NeuroMuscular release, trigger point, Swedish, Myofascial release, OrthoBionomy, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy work of many kinds and guided imagery.

Soft Tissue Manipulation:
Is a manual movement and stretching of the muscles, fascia, and related soft tissues of the body. Because muscles move joints, while ligaments and fascia support them. If a subluxation is adjusted without addressing related soft tissue problems, you may still experience pain. In addition, your tight muscles and shortened fascia can pull your joint out of alignment again. So, it is often helpful to get a massage after a Chiropractic adjustment.

Trigger Point / NeuroMuscular Release:
Trigger point, NeuroMuscular Release Therapies are part of a system of releasing contracted tissues by concentrating pressure with a thumb, elbow or instrument on the knotted area, generally done as part of a deep tissues massage.

Myofascial Release:
Is a hands-on technique involving the application of stretches and pressure to the fascia and muscles. It relieves tension and pain by releasing and lengthening the fascia, which allows muscles to return to their correct position, length and function. Temporary tightness is relieved, as well as some long-held patterns of tension can be reversed. This technique allows muscles to remain lengthened and perform in balance with each other, helping to break habits such as poor posture and protective 'muscle guarding'. Most people notice that their pain is relieved, improved movement and other effects are long-lasting after monthly sessions with Myofascial release in particular.

Detoxing Raindrop Therapy:
Created by Gary Young as a detox of the system using Young Living Essential Oils, heat and massage.The use of essential oils kills off Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses caught in the backbones.

The definition is to make you straight thru the study of your life. In other words to put your body back into the position that originally caused the pain, and holding that point until relaxation occurs through breath.

Preconception massage:
This massage is designed for the female wishing to increase their fertility or going into get IVI or IVF. This massage should occur the day before ovulation or during ovulation is the best time. Females are taught how to increase their males fertility to increase their changes of getting pregnancy. Best used in connection with HypnoFertility program.

Pregnancy Massage:
Massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy, and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy.We use the port-a-pro body support system so a woman can lay face down in comfort while still being elevated off of her belly. The caring touch of massage can help you experience your changing body in a positive, accepting way. Massage can also be something special for you at a time when so much of your attention is on the baby to come. As the baby grows and changes so does your body, these changes even when welcome, can be very stressful to the tissue along with the excess hormones bathing your body can cause emotional and physical tension. A Pregnancy massage can help you to get in touch with your physical changes ,be an outlet for emotions, help you sleep better, increase your circulation, reduce swelling and boost your energy.

Infant Massage:
As a parent, loving relative, or caregiver of an infant, you want to see your child flourish. Touch is as important as food for healthy mental and physical development — a fact clearly supported by both ancient tradition and contemporary research. Massage is attentive, pleasurable touch that can promote your baby’s well-being while increasing your ability to respond to his or her needs."

"Bonding, that unique and close attachment between you and your child, is enhanced with the observant and sensitive care of massage. The elements of bonding are inherent in infant massage: eye contact, skin contact, smiles, soothing sounds, smell, and loving communication. Responding to your baby’s smiles, frowns, and squirms in this comforting way can reinforce the trust between the two of you, a trust which can provide the foundation of your relationship for years to come.

Somata Emotion Release work This treatment is based on the fact that cells and muscle tissue hold emotional tension and energy.That energy is then released through the holding and exerting pressure on a painful contracted muscle, while, allowing that emotion to be released through talking or allowing the muscle to express it's self.

Stone massage (hot and cold stones used)
This technique uses hot stones to melt away long held stiffness and knots. Cold semiprecious stones are used to relieve and cool over stimulated muscles, prevent face swelling and release swollen joints and extremities.


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