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Crystal Energy Therapy

Crystal Therapy or Crystal Energy Healing is a form of alternative medicine and a natural holistic healing technique which will energetically balance the mind, body and spirit.

During your therapy session, crystals will be placed on each of your 7 main chakra centers and with Reiki-like healing hands your energy work will begin. What we are doing is essentially directing resonant crystal energies throughout your Chi energy system.

Crystals contain energy that will resonate only with certain chakra levels. Crystal are placed according to each chakra center and will clear any negative or blockage of energy patterns. As a result your energies will be free flowing and will balance and heal the aura, the physical, emotional self and the etherial self. Now all energy centers and flowlines are aligned, attuned, free flowing and balanced from head to toe! Clients leave their session with a renewed sense of well-being and happiness.

Our typical client often report that they received little relief from traditional health care and that after a crystal therapy session, that they have a refreshed sense of well being, strength and joy.

Our body's physical life-force energy have been known for thousands of years by various cultures around the world. Each culture has their own name for the life-energy that flows through our bodies. For example; the Chinese call it "Chi", the Hindus call it "Prana". The body's Chi energy system is made up of chakras (energy centers), meridian flowlines and the vertical kundalini spinal column - just like the Acupuncturist would follow.

We welcome new clients and look forward to helping them to achieve new harmony and well-being in their lives.

For more information, please call Diane Black at 703-787-5714 or email to DBlack@Crystal-Therapist.com


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